I grew up coloring in the lines. I didn't do anything that might cause controversy. I stayed where I felt comfortable. Surprisingly, one day I realized I was no longer comfortable with predictability. A shift stirred in me as I watched my high-school daughter consider her next step and I realized that I felt a bit stuck. I wanted passion and excitement. I wanted to stand out and differentiate myself from others. I was ready for a change.
And so a mindset shift began. Reframing my thoughts and perception became a daily focus and that transformation soon spilled into my business. Owning a boutique design and marketing business that catered to local businesses, I began to focus on helping businesses that needed what I was doing — transforming.
Attention to detail, an eye for design, and an appreciation for extraordinary quality remain core competencies of my business. I have chosen to focus on home interior, custom building, and remodeling businesses that appreciate these values. Why? Because HGTV is my addiction. Here are a few other interesting things about me:
I wish I could frivolously spend money on: shoes
I am a: list maker
My family would say that I: tell long stories
One song that I can't listen to without singing: It's a Heartache by Bonnie Tyler
A movie that takes me back: Top Gun
A band that makes me remember my high school days: Bonjovi
Favorite hobby: gardening
You'll usually find this on my desk: cup of tea